My addiction to real name exposure is totally out of control Iam all over the Internet and live everyday in fear and every night exposing myself knowing it will lead to my destruction yet helpless to stop it pushed and blackmailed by two online mistress who want nothing but money and to see me destroy myself it’s a horrible way to live

Chronic masterbation

I’ve become a full blown mastabator it’s getting worse by the day I can’t stop I don’t see anyone any more I get home from work if I even go to work get all slutted up like a cheap. Whore and start exposing my perverted self online for hours somtime days at a time the thrill of it drives me crazy whilst I no this is so wrong and in healthy in so many ways Iam powerless stop and only keep digging an ever deeper hole It’s the best orgasems I’ve ever had better than any women or man has ever given me and they keep getting better and better most of the time now after I blow it’s only a matter of 10 mins before I’m back at it again